Not Much Fishing Report

Thank you for reading my not much Fishing Report. The subtitle of my blog is “Fishing and other bits of life.” This week the other bits of life kind of overwhelmed the fishing.

This has to be the internet article of the week-

On the Tuck

The Featured Artist of the Week is local artist John Gilbert, who specializes in watercolors, gyotaku, and illustrations. His work is colorful, vibrant, and beautiful. Of course he’s an angler. Visit his website at

Deep Creek

Sunday– Didn’t sleep well Saturday night. Visions of a big project involving a van kept me awake. My mind was fairly seething.

One thing that was painfully obvious to me was that before any big projects could happen I needed to be able to get at tools and materials that were buried under a year’s (at least!) accumulation of domestic detritus. Spent the morning cleaning the garage, then relaxed in the afternoon and watched the Red Sox.

Monday– no way am I going out in a boat on Labor Day. Got my sister to join me for an expedition to the landfill, where we chucked five cartons of unsold books as well as the back seats of the Sienna. See ya! Stopped by Mullet Lake Park on the way home. Yes, it was jammin’, cars, trucks, and boat trailers about a mile down Mullet Lake Park Road.

Took pictures of stuff I want to sell in the afternoon, put them on facebook. Some of the ads had instant gratification!

Tuesday– wanted to fish, but stayed home and sold a canoe. If you have a boat for three years and it hasn’t seen the water in that time, it’s time to get rid of it. I did. I now have one canoe left.

I also worked on the new bed for the van

Ripping boards- not as fun as fly fishing.

I’m using all repurposed materials in constructing the bed, so after ripping 2x8s and cutting everything to size, it was time for sanding. Hours of it. Piled the lumber neatly, cleaned up the mess, and took it easy all afternoon. Tied more flies. Can’t have enough flies!!!

The sleeping surface of the bed will be polycarbonate panels.

Wednesday– tried fly fishing from a kayak in the soup we call Mosquito Lagoon. We have a cat named Lulu. Lulu sheds a lot of fur. Once in a while I’ll take my fly brush and brush her. Then I take the collected hair and use it to make dubbed bodies. I tossed a Lulu fly at a tailing black drum and it ate the fly. BAM! I knew it would work, but am grateful it actually did. Many thanks to the kitty for its donation.

Black drum on the Lulu fly.

Thursday– had a long list of errands and things to do, tried to make a dent in it. The van was not ready to carry paddle vessels. I used 5200 adhesive to put a skid plate made from Seadek at the back edge of the roof, and then made and attached two tie down points that come out from under the hood. I’ll put the rack crossbar extenders on tomorrow.

Friday– if you’re going to make a camper, you’re going to need a bed. I spent all day Friday, quite a warm and humid day, working on that bed and perspiring. I do have the first iteration complete, though. Need to pull the seats out of the van and install the bed.

Saturday– Last week I cleaned the garage. Next Saturday we’re going to have a yard sale. So this Saturday was spent getting ready for that.

The wonderful thing about knowledge is that it is genuinely limitless. There is not even a theoretical possibility of exhausting the supply of ideas, discoveries, and inventions. – Matt Ridley, from The Rational Optimist

Life is great and I love my life!

Every day is a blessing. Don’t waste it- Go Fishing!

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