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Artistic brilliance and how it relates to fishing: I have seen many people who are artists who are affiliated with the fishing industry. There is some real talent out there, without question.

If I ever become famous I want this man to make the statue of me. His name is Kumpa Tawornprom. I have had the pleasure of becoming a regular correspondent with Kumpa and not only have I been awestruck with his talent, this is a guy who just loves people and spends so much time devoted to projects that bring enjoyment to a very wide audience. I would have to say that the only thing that exceeds his talent is his generosity. Kumpa embodies the kindness we should all strive to have. Literally world renowned, you have the chance to utilize this resource: Locally if you are in the Tampa Bay area.

Then there are certain things that come along once in a lifetime. We are talking about a person who is just on a different level. A creative mind but incredible skills with their hands and construction of the projects. Kumpa has been hired to do the Statue of Liberty, life size elephants, a 13 foot red grouper for a local restaurant, all the iguanas for The Green Iguana restaurants and has been recruited by people like George Lucas because of his talent.

Kumpa is in Safety Harbor and he will do custom projects for you if you want something really special for yourself or as a gift to someone else. He hails from Thailand but this is his home now and he is well liked and accepted here. I call his followers Kumpa Loompas. Especially the little ones. He has done art schools for kids and I have seen his students run into him in public and I am touched by this. The kids have so much respect and endearment for this man, they just light up to see him. Another opportunity you may want to consider: Getting Kumpa to cultivate the artistic talents of your kids. They will benefit from the experience way more than just what they learn on the art side of his expertise. Kumpa sets good examples for kids and they will be affected positively from it without question.

Would you like to have a showcase house? Hire him to do murals or sculptures and enjoy the years of compliments you will get from involving Kumpa in your decorative plan. He can do anything, given the right information. He will not stop until it is what you envisioned.

The attention to detail. The craftsmanship the study of the subject everything goes together to make a perfect project and he will not release it until it is perfect. Just background Thailand and a fisherman he loves to eat fish she loves to catch fish but he is a great sculptor and that is where his expertise lies. You meet something special a few times in a lifetime and here is one right here. This guy one of the most sought-after sculptors is probably one of the nicest citizens as well. Kumpa’s ability to interact with people is probably the reason why this custom artwork is absolutely perfect. If you need the project and you need something absolutely exactly and perfect, this guy is the only choice for you.

Separate from the sculpting, Kumpa is an artist who exceeds the skill and talent of other artists. He will not like me saying that but I feel what I do. I can’t even take a good photo with a great camera: Kumpa can replicate something in chalk, paint, wood or Styrofoam that is just beautiful.

If you have ever been in the Safety Harbor area for a Sidewalk Chalk Festival, you may have seen his work. With paint, chalk or Styrofoam this guy can construct masterpieces. No exaggeration, down to the detail, even in things he does quickly, they blow away other peoples’ art work much of the time.

On the water? Would you like to have a stand-up-paddle board? Kumpa will make it exactly as you want it. Literally just as I said. He combined his artistic talents with watercraft doing things like paddle craft for kids shaped like sea turtles.

If you have a tree that is being removed, instead of hiring someone to dig out the stump to the roots, consult with Kumpa and have it sawed off at a certain point and let him make a sculpture out of what is left. Again, we are talking about a guy who can do something with nothing but take something and do everything.

The statue of me: Likely to be one of his most unpopular works. He is so good at capturing reality, and me “not so pretty” it will be certain everyone knows what it is but it will be pretty rustic.

I asked local artist, restaurateur Jeff Harrell about Kumpa and he had this to say: “What is so interesting about Kumpa, his major talent is in sculpting. You think about that and then look and see that there are other people who specialize in other artistic endeavors who have trouble measuring up to what Kumpa is doing as a hobby.” This coming from another artist, this is what I would call expert testimonial.

I hope you see ways you can utilize Kumpa for a project. If you do, I hope you appreciate the value in what you get. Nothing done halfway, I have never seen someone who has their wage per hour go down so much because they have such attention to detail.

Objectivity compromised because he has become my friend: There are situations in life where you get a glimpse of greatness- this is one of those examples. I hope you enjoyed learning about this man and if you get the chance to know him because of me, you are most certainly welcome. He is someone you will never forget and the amazing this about Kumpa: It is reciprocated.

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