Alagnak River Fishing Report featuring Matt Cicero

Our man Matt.

Thank you for reading this Alagnak River Fishing Report featuring Matt Cicero.

Matt fly fishes, too.

Matt, a resident of Edgewater, Florida, guides here at Katmai Lodge. In other lives he plays bass and guitar, and guides in Florida. He looks like a rockstar, but is a down-to-earth, righteous kind of guy. We are lucky to have him here.

The chums still pour in. It’s the time of year when your arms ache from catching too many, big fish after big fish. We’re still swinging cerise streamers for them.

Matt battles the mighty tiger salmon.

The tiger, nearly vanquished.

Matt with a tiger.

King salmon season closed as of August 1. No more fishing for kings.

The silvers have been very hit or miss because they have not appeared in any numbers yet. Mr. Ed Wasicki kindly gave me several spoonflies to use for them. Haven’t tried them yet, Ed, no fish yet! We’re looking at 24 foot tides this weekend- prognosticators predict the fish will move in on these big tides. We wait eagerly!

With the kings and the chums starting to spawn, trout fishing this week is all about the bead. Next week’s report will feature some details.

Trout fishing now is all about the bead.

That’s this week’s Alagnak River Fishing Report featuring Matt Cicero! Thanks for reading!

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

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