By Neil Taylor,

Overall, some of the most consistent action of the year, right down on the south shore.   That trend continued and the days were rewarding on many trips to the south shore this past two weeks.  The strong weather system did not change things for more than a couple of days.   The action on flounder, trout has been excellent (fair on trout in some of my favorite areas).  For redfish, again, it can be stellar in one area and nothing exceptional in another.    But you can almost expect to intercept a little bit of everything on the south shore.

Flounder action just never really took off.   You can catch some but they haven’t been very big.   I have kept waiting for it to happen. . And waiting.   And waiting.     I have finally started saying “maybe next year.”

Trout:  Pretty easy.   If you are in water with enough depth and it is grass bottom, you are going to catch trout.    We caught a 26 inch fish this week on the south shore. .   Lots of big trout will be caught in the next five months.

Weather dependent:  The kingfish migration may also create opportunities for this species toward the Skyway pier. Want to know what’s going on off the Skyway piers?    To get detailed reports, check The Skyway Report on   Written by Paul Bristow every week, he keeps you on the heartbeat of the Skyway bite.  Get out and enjoy the easy action on the Skyway Piers!

Speaking of Skyway Piers, a chance meeting with Jamie Foster yesterday and she was already talking about sheepshead.   February peak time, sheepshead can actually be targeted any month of the year.   Locations around the south shore:  My favorite to go fishing for this species!   Now, I haven’t done it in years:  But it is an option.

In a battle that is never really over: The great work of FWC officers to target felony netters and keep an eye on other recreational offenders has led to better fishing for us all.  Their continued efforts to catch felony netters are making the south shore region return as a great fishery again.   But help them out:  Keep your eyes peeled for illegal activity and make a call if you see poaching, 888-404-FWCC (3922).  Your tips will help make cases and you could be eligible for a reward.  The fishery survives the pressure of poaching, a lot of anglers and just continues to be a great location to go.

As always: Be careful out there!

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