There are things that become part of your life.   Things you don’t necessarily think about that much.  

I became affiliated with Smith Optics over a decade ago.   I stopped by to talk to Peter Crow, owner, at his booth at the ICAST show in Orlando.   My Smith Optics sunglasses around my neck, it was a great conversation and I became closely affiliated with them after that day.

They have been a Super-sponsor of the Captain Mel Classic since year 1.    They have grown in their positioning in the fishing world.

A fisherman without polarized sunglasses is a sunbather.      In a previous article.   It is that simple.  They are essential equipment for the angler.    Cutting out glare, if you want to see what you need to see while you are out there, you need to invest in polarized sunglasses.    That’s the bottom line.    If you want to be good at it, get these sunglasses.  

So, I have a broken pair of Smith Optics sunglasses sitting here.     They are worn.    But.  They were the best pair I ever had.    I told Peter:   These sunglasses were probably worn more hours than any pair in the history of the company.     A great example of the durability of a great product, I’d say I wore them daily for six years.     Those sunglasses saw about 500,000 fish.   Protecting my eyes from UV rays all the while. 

I’d say I’m good at taking care of things.    That they lasted this long, weren’t lost, stolen or smashed in all this time, indicates I’m above average in the care of sunglasses.      I would suggest:   Use that case it comes with.   Put them in it when you are not using them.    Not practicing what I preach:   I have safe places I put them, eliminating the chance of “accidents.”   

Their rep, Shon, has done a great job.   Peter, deciding the direction of Smith Optics, an exceptional job.    I am just amused when my regular clients show up for a fishing trip and what do they have?   They have Smith Optics sunglasses.     Smith caught up to the companies like Costa.   They offer great products and service.    My clients devotion to tournament sponsors is a very good thing.   They should be buying Smith products.    It is not only a good way to spend your money, what you get is first rate.  

Other guides; Followed my lead and went with Smith.    I can tell you; I was there at the onset.   So many other guys wanted on and have gotten on.   Some good high-vis guys.     That is good for the brand.    Peter recognizes what the guys in the field can do for the exposure.   He knows how to run a business.   

I wish I could do more.   But I would say, I do what I can.   My positioning in the fishing industry:   People react to what I say.   And for over ten years I have said “Buy these.”    They are worth it.   

In my years, I have worn a lot of sunglasses.     Smith has set the record in length and, they set the record in the contest of “what’s best.”     I had some Maui Jim’s I liked.    Too heavy.   Like Smith Optics better.    Had some decent Costas before I connected with Smith:   Just didn’t like them.   Every pair of Smith’s I have put on my face:  I liked them.     They are light.  Comfortable overall.    The lenses are just durable.    Look at what they do.   Chromapop:   Amazing.  

None hugged the face as well as the Smiths.   None felt as light and comfortable as the Smiths.  

This is a “repeat” article in ways.    But I wanted to talk about my last pair of Smith Optics.   Just amazing.   Peter Crow has been very good to me.    Part of the relationship:   I have led to more sales of their product than probably any other human being on Earth.     For that, Peter has given me his product.     Good for him:   It has been, I would say, six years.    I had no reason to talk to him about getting another pair.   These ones were still just fine.    

My readers:  My clients.    If you have a Smith story, send it to me and I will tack it on to the article and I will make sure Peter sees it.   

They have fantastic items in the Smith line.   Their secondary line is called Sun Cloud.     If you are in the market, look into it.    Sun Cloud are lower end but quality.    The Smith line are comfortable, light and mostly “durable.”     I’m not even sure how mine finally broke.    It was probably my fault.   Some glue and tape, I will keep these as an extra pair for when someone forgets theirs.      I offered to send them to Peter for a Smith Hall of Fame induction.   But I would guess the story is good enough.   

The cover photo.   That’s the pair I wore the last six years.    Be like me:  Wear the best!

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