Neil Taylor’s second book “Fishing Tampa Bay.”     This is one that is a guide for anyone who wants a blueprint on how to approach catching what swims here.    Species by species tips, general tips and so many suggestions that could help make your experiences more successful.

“I got a preview of Fishing Tampa Bay.     I was impressed.   I learned a couple dozen things I would have never thought of.    This is a good one for everyone to own.   Neil’s first book, Kayak Fishing, is the best book I own.     This second book is also worth having.      Neil has a talent for giving what he knows.”   That is the only statement I have received so far from one of only two people who has seen the book.   

The goal of Fishing Tampa Bay, a general guide of what to do to have success trying to catch what swims here.     Intense efforts by Neil Taylor, he knows how to do it.   He is telling you here.    Neil, an instructor, has created another resource for the common angler.     This is one that will be gifted by many people to help out friends who need some help getting better at it.   It will also be a resource for the out-of-town visitor that wants to have success fishing in Tampa Bay.  

The success of Kayak Fishing, Fishing Tampa Bay should also be well received.    The cost of both books is the same.   $15 if you buy it in person.    $18 if I mail it to you, a price I dropped by $1.     Perhaps some of you waited on the first book because you are going to buy both.    If I mail both books to you:  $34.   

If you would like a copy of the book, send me an email to get it set up.   My email is

These first two out of the way, attention will turn to the third book.   My humor book.   This one is basically ready to go as well but I am going to devote a few months time to cultivate the final product.    Things keep coming up that I keep inserting into that one.   That one might be the most popular of the three.      Only 1% of it about fishing, it is basically anything I found funny in my lifetime.  


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