Short Orlando Fishing Report

Regular readers know I was on a trip last week, which ended Sunday night. Monday and Tuesday were spent unpacking and cleaning. Only two days of fishing happened after that, so we have a short Orlando fishing report.

Innova sent me an inflatable kayak to test. Part of that test happened on the Econlockhatchee on Wednesday (read the boat review here- The gauge was at 2.0- YES! On a beautiful sunny day I got two bass on a purple Culprit worm in about two hours.

Thursday the forecast looked good, but Friday a front was coming. If I was going to fish it better be quick! I drove to the port to look around, hoping to find some Sargassum.

There was no weed, but plenty of the smaller fishies were along the beach- ladies, blues, jacks, even a few trout. I did not get any Spanish mackerel but met someone who did. I hooked three big sharks on jigs?!?!? Lost them all on cutoffs. Went through a lot of jigheads/tails. It was nice out there- glad I went.

Friday the front blew through with rain and wind. Air temperature dropped about 15 degrees. No fishing this weekend for me!

For Sale
Would like to sell my old trailer, still on Craiglist at a lowered price.

And that is the Short Orlando Fishing Report!

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski