After odd redfish behavior for the past three years, an element of predictability has returned. Redfish are being caught again where they should have been all along. They will be in depths of less than 2 feet, and there will be grassy bottom. Typically a harder fight than most other species, redfish are a favorite target of mine Most anglers will utilize natural baits for redfish. I use strictly lures. Redfish are the most challenging species on lures. Use medium gear with light lures. I would recommend jigheads in the size of 1/8-ounce or 3/16-ounce. My first choice for a tail on the jighead: A 3-inch swimbait. Make long casts and strive to move the lure as slowly as you can without having it snag the bottom. This is your challenge in shallow depths. A good rod is important. Good control of that rod is equally important. The best redfish anglers control their lures with the rod tip.

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