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This session is strong for people who are non-kayak.  It is a comprehensive look at fishing Tampa Bay.

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Find this on Facebook  “The Kayak Fishing Academy”

The Academy will be a valuable tool for the non-kayak fishing anglers but a certain amount of the instruction will be geared toward the non-motorized angler.

Who:   Neil Taylor is the lead instructor.   In his tenth year taking instructional kayak fishing charters, Neil’s role as an outdoor writer and speaker make him a perfect choice to conduct this course.  It will be instructional and entertaining.   An outdoor writer, speaker and serious guide, the information in this program is valuable.

What:    The Academy is a four to five hour course on kayak fishing, using lures and all things necessary to be successful catching fish.   The total picture:   The tackle, the kayaks, the tides, wind and weather and your trip plan.   Nothing replaces the instruction on a charter but this is a one day, intensive course that should help both the beginners to get on the right track and the experienced to polish up their skills.

Learn how to:

Tie good knots

Properly rig lures

Study the Tides, Wind and Weather

Cast longer and with more accuracy

Locate fish
Effectively work lures to catch more fish
Learn to use your kayak more efficiently

Enjoy your time on the water to the fullest

Cost:   $30 gets you the course, some extras from Strike Three Kayak Fishing sponsors and a grilled lunch at the end of the session
Facebook:  The Kayak Fishing Academy

Want some extra free help with your fishing?  Come to Kayak Fishing Skool, the fourth Thursday of every month at Bill Jackson Shop for Adventure in Pinellas Park, 6:30 to 7:45PM.  Current events, fishing information and topics.

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