The month of March, slammed with trips and very good fishing a majority of the time.   Extremely enjoyable instructional trips plus visits from annual clients.    The weather: Acceptable.    We fished in substantial wind nine straight days.    A week of lighter winds was a real treat.    The action was very good for trout.   

The schedule has been busy for the first time since the virus stuff started.    The action has been easy.    It is just plain easy to be a guide when the action is like this.    On the fly, very good.   My flies used by the fly clients, my flies caught a little of everything.   My flies are pretty straighforward.   A weight on the eye of the hook and a lot of gold tied in.    Chartreuse or white mixed into most of the flies.   Pompano, mackerel, trout, ladyfish, jacks and even a big sheepshead.    Ladyfish and trout are easiest.    The incoming tides in the mornings, just easy to find and stay on the action.    Slower strips are sometimes necessary but not always.   I hope things continue like this for a long time.   

The schedule busy, lots to talk about right now.   We have had good action and generally, a variety

The fly fishing trips:  Excellent.   All the trips, pretty good.  It is a great time of year.    Challenges:  Things just aren’t what they used to be.

The return of the flounder?    It is that time of year.    This is the beginning of what should be a great influx of these fish.    So few people target them, they are a great fishery to explore.  A five year lag, will they come back this year??    We will find out soon. 

Redfish, just not what they were.  Snook, same thing.  To turn back the clock ten years. 

The rumor mill:  Pompano are back in the Bay.   The reports I have heard, this could be a terrific year for pompano.   I have not tried for them.    Most of my pompano trips summer adventures, if the reports continue as they are, we may have to work this species into the program.   For the last two years, not great.

Silver trout:  First time in my lifetime, they’re not there.   Just bizarre.   What is going on? 

Trout:    We ended up locating good numbers of fish in specific locations.   North Pinellas continues to yield the worst reports for all fishing that I have ever heard.   That’s years of difficult fishing up there.     Brought to you by Pinellas County beach projects (which another is underway there, with dredging added this time).   It’s nothing to get into a huge location of trout action.  

Coming soon:   A kayak by Neil Taylor.   The mold is being made.  We are designing a winner.    Coastal Mojo, The Fishin’ Magician.   Stores will carry them.   Direct purchases will also be possible.  The details will be made available soon.   The design is like no other.    The decisions, making a boat that fits the market.   Making a boat that fills a gap in the market.   Comfort.  Stability.     Affordability.  Colors:  Blue, Pink, Orange, Sea Foam Green, Camo    Length 14 feet   Depth   14 inches  Width  32 inches

Flat area in the center of the boat, in the footwell.

A ridged tackle holder in front of the seat

The seat, molded into the boat at base level five inches to the stern

Water repulsion built in bow and stern.   Ridged above the main kayak up about four inches.     Under each of these, a compartment with air coming from the bow and stern approximately 20 inches.  Metal bars molded into the plastic just inside of these compartments several inches.  

Accessory rail grooves, both sides of the boat, compartment to compartment.  

As always: Be careful out there!   More changes are a comin’

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