A skinny dipper made the news.   My only thought was:   I don’t want to see her naked.    I swear, there are a bunch of people who think they are attractive.   Who aren’t.    Sorry, but it exists.   Out of politeness, you say nothing.    When they are good looking, also, out of politeness- you say nothing.  

Rick Reed, long-time major-league umpire:   Has passed away.   It was his time.  I had good correspondence with other umpires.    I was kind of the guy who informed the rest of the boys.    The Hirschbeck’s went there.   So I had info coming from them.    He passed peacefully.    70 years old.   It was just his time.  

The virus news wears on.    What is the truth?   Hospitals running out of ICU beds?   Or, the numbers are fiction?    What is it?     I’m suspicious.    I’m just not that scared of this thing.   From what I can see and what I think:   The people who are getting it are the people that just make bad choices.   All these people in masks, next to each other. People are stupid. With a mask, you can’t tell me you can’t catch the virus if you’re practically kissing other people.  My point is: If people stayed away from each other, this goes away. People hand in hand wearing masks: They are infecting others. I guarantee it. So, the mask thing to me, takes another hit.

The key is for people to stay apart. After this is all over they are going to say “Transmission happened between all those people wearing masks.” Staying ten feet apart, not six would have ended this months ago. The mask thing doesn’t fly with me.   I’ll be redundant.    I’m just not “with” the “experts.”    People are just too stupid to stay away from each other.    And for what?    If everyone else had done what I’ve done, this would have been over in May.  

Keep schools closed?   Ok.   If it truly is still going on, kids are most likely to spread it so schools closed makes sense to me.   Kids, cheated out of a normal existence:   Would be back to normal under the proper actions of the people.     A double-edged sword, I’d like to see them back in school but if it’s bad:  Homeschool.    Even though they are very likely to survive it, homeschooling is probably better than risks.   If I was in charge it would have been “protect the elderly” and I’d let the younger people endure.   The strongest survive.  

Wearing a mask:   While I have my own reasons why I rarely need to wear one, I think the mask thing is legit.   It can’t hurt.    Me, I wear it when I go in a store.  And that is pretty much it.     I wear my “buffs” which is my facial sun protection head covering   So, when I am around people, it is for a fishing charter and in the sun, I’m wearing one anyway.     But, I don’t get that close to people.     I spray the boats down with bleach at the conclusion of a trip.    I’m being redundant again.   The mask thing just sticks with me somehow.   Too stupid to stay away from other people?  Good luck with your mask.   

Patriotism:   There are a lot of people, the way they act, should move out of the United States. They disrespect the tradition and the other people enough, go live somewhere else.

Re-openings.   Economies.   Travel bans.  Press coverage is typical.    They’re fickle and they don’t understand economics.    The world waits for a vaccine.   The Russians claim they have one.   They don’t.  

There’s an appliance shortage.   Replacing toilet paper.  

Fatal Motorcycle Crash Listed as COVID-19 Death in Florida

For two weeks, every gas station I went by:  $2.09.   Every one, everywhere.     Now, most are $2.01 but I have seen a couple under $2.  

Lily from AT & T, her name isn’t Lily.

Television, who is it decides:  On Sunday we are not going to put anything good on for anyone to watch? 

Why did Jason Bourne never wear any disguises?  

The heat:  I’m at that point, I’m finished with it.    Ready for Fall.   For winter.   But, middle of July, there is still three months of it left.     I’ll survive.    The air conditioning problem resolved; I sit inside.     Getting my money’s worth for sure.   I go outside at 5AM.   Then usually at 7PM.    I’m inside that time period in between.  

Television.  The previews.   Shows where no one uses the English language properly.    Just bad.   Make the illiterate rich:  It is America.     I can’t complain.  I make my money.   But it is amazing to me that people who are just total buffoons are making more.   

Kriseman defunding the St Pete police:  He’s on his way out.    Everyone I talk to says the same thing:  It’s stupid.    He’s done.   My contacts say the impact remains to be seen.  But it’s bad.  

The Neil Blog wouldn’t be without negativity.    I’m glad my mother got off email and the internet.   She doesn’t have to endure it.    The things going on in this world, I have my thoughts.    The following is interesting.   It could easily be read more.   I watch the stats.  If everyone I knew was clicking on it, views would be triple what they are.   But, the people that do like it is a pretty good number.    It is off the cuff.   It’s for fun.    Something to do.    My observations mean something to some people.    Others are just kind of amused by the things I bring up.   I could publish one every day if I wanted to.    I figure, every two weeks is enough.    And spread out, they’re better.    How much is there to talk about?  This world, things just seem to come up every day.    Negative Neil will remain.    I try to find some positives in this world.   They just aren’t always worth talking about.

Fishing on the internet? The same.   A guy posts a picture on a “Tampa Bay” page with his wife with a dead redfish.     I said something.   Wasn’t caught here.    But he didn’t say that.    In reality there are:   People ignoring the rules. It’s good they aren’t poachers. But is this not a Tampa Bay page? You post a picture of a dead redfish, you should tell the story that it was caught where it was legal. But whatever. I’ve been a guide for 15 years. I’ve done things that have made the fishing better for all of you. What does my opinion matter?   Another reply on that one, after the guy called me A Hater:     “She’s standing in the street with the fish. You didn’t kill it? How long was it out of the water? Hater. You get what you earn. You posted in on a page about a closed area with a fish that looks like it was harvested. And you are upset that someone said something? Take a pill.”   The final reply, he accused me of “false judgment.”     **** I didn’t have false judgment. It’s a TAMPA BAY page. Redfish are closed in this region. You didn’t provide enough information. Don’t try to put it on me.***    In the end, he partially relented:  “Neil Taylor sorry i didnt post it to your liking buddy. Have a blessed day brother”

Back to a regular theme, and it’s one that doesn’t bother me that much but in kind of a “pet peeve” way, I don’t really understand it.   The English language isn’t that hard.    It’s way easier than a lot of people make it.    How people got through school, I struggle to undertand.  It’s banding, not banning.  Dining, not dinning.   There’s scrarred and there’s scared.  They are not the same.    I still see Loose when they are going for Lose.   Then instead of than, I keep seeing.    I when you mean eye?   To me, that’s bad abbreviation.    Makes me tip the bottle more.   Try capitalizing the first letter of your name.  

ID this fish for me.   The people speaking up need to learn what’s what before they are giving answers.  Because you’re wrong.  

OK, a little baseball.

Pete Rose should never be in the Hall of Fame.    Rule 21 is the big one.   He violated it and the punishment is banishment.    He got what he earned and that is a lifelong ban that should continue after he has died.   His accomplishments will always stand but to preserve the game and to keep gamblers out, he must never be reinstated.  

My years in baseball created many opportunities.   One was to talk to Pete Rose.    I told him.    His response was interesting “An umpire should be commissioner.”     It was an odd situation.    I got to tell him “I was four years old, my father had the Reds game on and he told me that I want to play the game like this guy.”    And, I did.    With marginal success.    My success was ultimately as an umpire.  

That was just one of many.    But it was a big one.    The other Rose story:   Fantasy Camp, he was the sponsor for the Phillies camp two years.   I did it to get out of my office job for a week in the wintertime.   I was in pro ball so he was all about me.   His son was in the minors with me.   Anyway, first year he asked “Do you need anything?”   Meaning, autographs.   I said no.   Second year, final day, he said “Do you need anything?”   I said no.     I worked the plate for the first 30 innings of the final day when the guys who paid $5000 get to play against the former big league guys.    They are running balls out to me.    I’m done and the guy who is going to do the last four innings on the plate gets back there.   I walked over to the fence and I said “I think I will have you sign just one.”    I tossed him a ball.   He signs it and tosses it back.   I go to the locker room.   I get out of the plate gear, into base gear, go to my car and lock the ball in the car.   I walked back out and went to Pete.   I said “What would a Bart Giamatti National League president be worth?”   He said “I’ll give you $10,000 if you can find one.”   I said, “I know where there is exactly one and I’m keeping it.”   He said “Son of a bitch.   I had it in my hands?”   I nodded.    I motioned for him to come down to the fence.     I said “Baseball come in boxes of a dozen.”     He nodded and he took off like he was shot out of a cannon.   I bet you he found them.   

“Formerly named the Redskins.”    As stupid as Kriseman.   In that same category of “I don’t understand”, what does the name of a sports team have to do with anything?   It doesn’t to me.   Being offended is a new norm in America.   I’m offended rarely and when I am it is way more personal than what the name of a sports team is.     Don’t we have bigger things to handle in this world?    Aren’t there things that truly matter because I don’t think this does.   

Understanding Difficult Behaviors Online.    I think they’ve got it all covered now.  

Letting criminals back on the street.   Defunding the police.   Neil buys more guns.   And, I’ll shoot you if you are scum and you threaten me.    They will never find the body.     People throwing stuff at the police?  It used to earn you a trip to jail.   I’d like to go back to a day without the phones with cameras/video and the police could just thump these people.    Part of the reason for the defunding:   I believe it is a policeman’s job to use force.    If you are dumb enough to put yourself in a position where you get it:  That’s your fault.  

Florida weather:  A tropical wave so more rain.   Rain is pretty much a standard in late July through August.   Slows in September unless there’s a hurricane.  Hurricanes:   We haven’t had any of that yet.    Will it be an active year?  Nothing yet.  But it’s early.   September 1 to 15 is peak time.  

Death hasn’t been a regular topic on the Neil Blog.   There has been plenty of it.   Two umpires.    My ex-girlfriend Rachael, she found her mother dead last week.    Her mother and I had one battle, at our time of break-up.   She was married to a political guy.   Haven’t heard him mentioned so he must be gone.   Her mother was big on the casino in Tampa.    Like big into it.   The good in it:  Rachael met a guy.   Now happily married.   The adjustment should be easier.   I haven’t seen her in a while.   She gets a pretty big mention in book #5.   I’d say she is mentioned at least four times.

Fly and teaser tying.  Time goes on.   I ordered 300 more hooks.   Not selling at all, supplies go up and I can retire from tying at any time I want.   I’m not going to run low anytime soon.   The fly guys, several have figured out I tie a fly that works   Some of those are selling.   But it is obvious:  Most people don’t fish like I do or teaser sales would be solid.   They’re not.    Some people tie their own.  But I would say, most people just don’t do it.   I believe they are missing out.   Pompano are not only fun, they’re good to eat.   But that pompano jig and teaser catches everything.   So, whatever.    Charters have the bills paid for six months.   It has been a great stretch.  3 and 4 person trips pay more and I have had plenty of those.     Solo trips are fine, less work and I like just working one -on-one whenever I can.    Plenty of two person trips.   Life is good.    The schedule really opens up after these next four trips.   So, dead of summer, I’ll keep it a little open and go over to the 12 Fathom factory again.   The supply of hooks will kind of stay the same until I restock on pink.    Gold for my flies but pink for my teasers.  I have decided I don’t need any other color teaser.   Pink is the real deal.   Pink is all I’ll tie moving forward.     Different flash on my other flies:  Dark for tarpon, a lot of gold for everything else.     Where are the buyers?   So many people fishing.   So many options.   I’ve created an option and it works.   Both teasers and flies, they work.  

The factory:  Continue getting over there when I can.    It gives me more tournament supplies.   The next Classic will be huge.   I’ve built up so much stuff for that, the raffle is going to be obscene.    Prizes as well but most goes in the raffle.    The raffle builds up the charity money.   It is good to be out of town and Craig and Bonnie are my friends.    I definitely like going over there.   I give them some help and we have drinks, barbecue and enjoy some time.   I need to get them over here fishing sometime.   They are so landlocked.   An hour to go fishing over there, I have the guest rooms that they have never used.    Perhaps when things get even better in the Fall, with both the weather and the fishing, I’ll get them over here.    One thing’s for sure:  I have enough lures to last me my lifetime.   I continue to restock but I’ll never run out.   They are very generous.  

What to mention and what to keep to myself:  One that probably is more unique to me.   Women and swearing.   It is a total turnoff:   Women using an obscene gesture or using profanity.   I just don’t see it.   I guess I have that from my mother.  

The great stretch of business puts me in the best place I’ve been since buying the house.   A bit of a battle, I have made it through and things are getting better all the time.   This house is stocked up, all the bills are paid and more money is coming in all the time.    Life is good.  

I like my house.   If you have never seen it:  Come to Fisherman’s Night.  Barbecue grill going and drinks.   My house is a baseball museum.    Fourth Thursday.   Postponed it this month because of virus concerns.   I will see how it looks and hopefully we can do it in August.   If not, maybe September will be OK. 

Two and a half years:  The financial strains of buying a house, a repair and an air conditioner replacement, I am out of the woods.   Life is good.  

Neil Taylor

Full time kayak fishing guide, Neil was an advocate for conservation since before the time he started guiding.Outdoor writer, speaker and radio show host, Neil connected closely with Captain Mel Berman and did many positives with Mel to promote ethical angling. After Mel passed away, Neil managed www.capmel.com and eventually became that web site’s owner.
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