No masks required.   So trained to do it, I went into the pub with my mask on.   It sparked an argument.    Is it still necessary?   No longer being prosecuted, it is still a suggestion.    Whatever.   I am not saying masks are bad.   I would argue the mask thing isn’t applied right.   And that’s fine.   So it goes:   Wear your masks all you want.  

A cheap guy, it was posed to me that I acquire this big bag of cash.   What do I do with it?    All these people hiring hookers and vacations, gambling.    I said “Put it in my Schwab account and get interest started.”    It was ruled a dull response.   Dull, but honest.   It is what I would do.    I already have everything I want.  

The Tampa Bay Lightning:    The Stanley Cup.   Comes back to Tampa after 16 years.  A 2 to 0 shutout in game six to win the series.  Dallas was good but the Lightning were just better.   Dallas was lucky to win the games they did.   They were outplayed.    I’m torn.   Great that they won it but it’s over and now I don’t have hockey to watch anymore.    Bittersweet.    I’d rather they didn’t win and I still had it to watch.   Like it or not:  I’m not much of a fan.     I have enjoyed the sport but honestly, not that into it either way that they won.    I’ve been told I’m a fan.   Looking at it:   I’m not a very good one.    Now, I look to next season.   Are they going to be a contender again??   If I was in charge I would make two trades.   But no one asks me.  

The fishing:  A break and then put in a couple of trips with what I already had.  Life is good.   Pays the bar tab.   Pays everything else.    Good trips.  Robin.    Bingo Bob.   Just easy fishing.   Some trips are better than others.   That’s fishing.   It has been awesome some days.   Had my days off.   Always good.   Then, back out there, it has all been fine.    Getting back on the new moon, four trips.   So, the schedule is slim for a couple of weeks but gets better.   It has been EASY.    Me just sitting there watching people catch fish.    The best it has ever been.    

The house:   Great how things come together.  By the time I start having parties here, things will be ideal.  Ryan comes to town in a few weeks.    Major projects will be completed while he is here.   My goal, to make Ryan the leading guy with Strike Three Kayak Fishing and I go into semi-retirement.   No Stacy, we may have to get some hookers.  

Eddie Van Halen, dies at 65.   The thing about him, his prime was my prime too.    Cancer got him.  

I’m trying to watch TV.   I’ve touched on this before but let me elaborate.     Pregnant at 16.     Turn the channel:   Teen Mom, better but not great.   Honestly:  Who is watching AND even more concerning to me:  Are we encouraging 16 year olds to get pregnant so they can be on TV?    Just tossing it out there.   No one cares what I think anyway.     Honest to God:  How far have we fallen?     I’m glad I’m not in the category these people are.  Even if they are making more money than I am, thank God I haven’t created the life these people have for themselves.    Jeez Louise.   

Kidding.  I have never been a stripper or hooker guy.

Football and running the pool:  Finally in first place again.    In a game I was watching that was big.  Two penalties on one play.  One against each team.   Both personal fouls.   Both:  Stupid.   It isn’t football anymore.    Pretty sad.   My picks are done for next week.  Am I hitting my groove?   I have made pretty good picks for like four years now, as long as I have been making picks.     Yellow gloves and shoes:  They should be banned.     Looks like penalty flags.    It is confusing.    Stop it.   San Francisco really screwed me.   Chicago and Dallas also let me down.    I had a chance at perfect picks.   Not to be.    Five weeks in now:   Let’s see if I can predict them pretty good. 

Tropical air mass:  No cold front for two weeks.   More surges of tropical moisture hitting Florida.   Keeps me from turning the hose on.   Saved up rain water for when it does go dry.    Things are wet right now.   It’s good.   My bushes like it.   Once it’s over, it’s dry for five months.    But nice.   The reason to live in Florida is almost here.  

It’s allowed not aloud.   It’s throw, not through.   It’s a flea, not flee.   You meant Were, not Was.   Honest to God, saw week used when they were going for weAk.    Honestly, viewing the internet and seeing what people put up, it’s awful.    Just not exhibiting intelligence.   Maybe I shouldn’t care.  But I do.   I see Your wrong every day.     It’s You Are.   That’s You’re.    It isn’t rocket science.    Are you doing it on purpose?   Just messing with me??

Visitors:   Ryan.    Leah.   Leah was my girlfriend 20 years ago.    She and I stayed in touch.   She married, as it turns out to a guy who has some major issues.   So in the wake of her dealing with it, she wants to come visit.    Which is good.     If she likes it, she can quit her job and move here.   Trying to help her to get through it.   She’s struggling with the change.  She was with the guy long enough where the concept is difficult.   Reality:  She needs to make it part of her past.  

At the lab:  Not common knowledge.   I have some things going on.    I’m getting old.    Whatever the results, I’ll just deal with it.   Got through it.   It’s waiting on results and starting treatment.    On TV:  Drinking coffee is bad.   OK.   I’m ready to die.   Let coffee be what causes it.  

I go to bed early.   My whole life, I was a midnight guy.  The last two years, I go down when the sun goes down.    I’ve gotten old.   It works best this way.  

Attacked on politics:  By someone I once respected.   My father taught me how to handle it.    I don’t care what they say.    They did not affect me.    I responded with:  If your side wins in a certain way, I’ll live out my life in Costa Rica.   That’s not out of the question.    Their hatred of Donald Trump is almost disturbing.  These are supposed to be Christian people.    So it goes.    Their choice.   My choice:  Support the right candidate.    Trump is good for everything.   He might not be my kind of guy.   I’ve said that from the start.   But he is the right guy for the job.     You know me:  I threw some rocks.   My father didn’t.   I do.    He lived it right.   He stayed out of the fray.   Me, you attack me, I’m in.   I’ll go back at you.   His life was easier.   I am Grandpa Taylor.    They both knew it.  They both enjoyed it.    The umpire:  I wouldn’t stay out of it unless it was really stupid.   I stand my ground.    But I debate whether it is “worth it.”    I’d say yes partially but overall, I should just be at the bar with no computer near me.    I’ll live.

I got some support.   The common American gets it.   The left is the left.    I don’t understand it.   Talked to Dad and Grandpa about it and they couldn’t offer any explanation.    How you are that way, it’s like you are just born with it.    To me, why isn’t everyone just “wanting what is best.”  ?   No matter who is in charge.    I liked Jimmy Carter.   I was like the only one.    He wasn’t liked until 30 years after he was president.     I guess:   Who cares.   I guess:  What does it matter?   I guess, I’ll start researching property in Costa Rica.  

Why the great concern over a felon’s ability to vote?   

A sure way to “age yourself.”  Tell people you remember when Kelly Clarkson was good looking.    She is no Carrie Underwood.

Time moves on.  The first real cold front of the year.   In September.   It will heat up again before it is into the start of winter.    But a few days of relief is nice.    Best we have seen since May. 

 Interesting times.   Interesting topics.   This one, a high school teacher of mine, kicked off from discussions online.     Racism and the world.   My input and his.   

We really need to get rid of this stupid two party system, campaigns, ballots and the whole voting thing. We all know what we want so let’s just dump the choices and all this crap and just get the guy we want in control and leave him there … right? … 

Neil Taylor

I’m with you. The two party system got me called a racist yesterday. I turned my back on it and let it go. It’s a messed up system


 – I agree, our democratic republic has been eroded. How, by whom, and when we probably disagree. Regardless, know that I previously described a dictatorship or, at best, a monarchy and that’s what the American Revolution fought against. … 

Neil Taylor

 I got called racist yesterday because of it. Hatred of “the other side ” is fascinating. Called my buddy. Told him I got called racist. He laughed. A black man, I was in his sister’s wedding. He and I don’t see in colors


Its tough to see sometimes. My high school biology teacher motivated me to be a biology major at ASU, the man that gave me my first full time teaching job, the man that literally taught me how to teach, was a black man and in many MANY ways my second … 

Neil Taylor

I don’t agree exactly. l get what you are saying but in my life. Who I am. The way I live. You can be purple and I won’t treat you any different. Color is irrelevant. Those making it important are the people that have an issue. OK, so the inj… 


Your original post was Biden hating but certainly not racist. Point me at the exchange that resulted in the racism charge. Somewhat to the point, saying, “OK, so the injustices and true racism, that’s too bad and all,” minimizes a very serious problem in our society. It’s why I said it’s tough for us to see and feel it from our advantaged position. Right here and now we either see it for what it is and has been for the history of this country or we shrug and turn away. Is it racist if we do the later? Maybe … Probably

Neil Taylor

I never see it. Just like corona virus: I know it exists. But how big a problem are we talking about? 1% of the population? Advantaged is a good one. One day, I will get my birthright. Now and every day before now: I have made what’s mine. Nothing has been given to me. So, how advantaged is that? Biden, best I can tell is a white guy. Best I can tell, I’m a white guy. Racism is tough to find there.

And this one, this week.   From a guy I really admire:   “Neil, I’m writing because I feel like you are the only one I really need to answer to.   I quit Facebook.   Weeks from an election I just wore out on what the people I know have to say about politics and the political system.   You know you and I don’t agree on everything.  But you were the only one that pitched ideas and didn’t say that you’re right and everyone else who doesn’t think like you is wrong.    They wore me down and they wore me out.    I figure, my life is just better without it.    I wanted to thank you for the way you do things.     Everyone else is like you, I probably enjoy being on there.   I’m not. I know you more than anyone would understand.    The greatest thing I ever saw was you walking away.   TWO YEARS.    You only came back at the wish of a dying friend.   You are the real deal.   I just wanted to make sure that I said thank you.   You set a great example.   My exit is not so dissimilar to yours. “

I am a free market guy.    The minimum wage:  A push to almost double it.    To me, the market sets the wages.    Increase the minimum wage and a bunch of places just throw their hands up and shut down.   That’s no good.  

  Good times.   I took my neighbor to the store.  Dropped him at the front and I was driving to a parking space.   This guy is blaring on his horn at another guy who is waiting to pull into a parking spot.   I went diagonal and blocked the guy, my window right next to his window.    I said “What is your problem?”   He’s looking down.    I said “You blast your horn at someone for nothing.     You never wait for a parking space?”  He looked over at me.    I said “Tell your wife she goes to the store from now on.   You shouldn’t be in public.”    He said “She is the one that sent me to the store. “   I said “Well go home and tell her it doesn’t work.”     Finally got to take on one of these stupid horn blowers.    It’s been mentioned in my blog about ten times.     See it every day.   Usually on my road, same thing, blasting their horn at someone that is making a turn.     I don’t get it.   

Biden or Trump.  Whatever.   Trump and his wife got coronavirus.   Biden hasn’t.   Best doctors in the world, he will be fine.  His wife, my age:  She will be fine.    Out and about that much campaigning, you have a greater chance of encountering it.   “He wasn’t wearing his mask.”  Well, I belong to a field of study where you catch it mask or not.    I don’t buy into the mask thing as much as you do.    Illegal immigrants on Medicare.   Is that true??    Unfortunately, it’s “true enough.”   Getting votes is the game for the left side.    Minorities and illegals:   Not good.   This is America.   Let’s put our resources toward Americans.    But, again, if they are successful I shall be relocating to Costa Rica.  

Even if I didn’t like Trump, I would be behind him having the virus.    He is the president.    That deserves some respect.   A respect a bunch of the population doesn’t have.  Whatever.   I live my way, you live yours.    I hope the president is just fine now.   I hope he stays president four more years. 

Scheduling.   I’m at odds with decisions.    Putting baseball on same time as Monday Night Football.  Just in general.  Don’t they want to make money.   There’s Thursday football but why not one on Friday too?  Saturday, that’s college.     Why not have Thursday and Friday, a game each day?   Instead you play seven at one time Sunday, then four at one time In the afternoon.    Why not spread it out and allow people to watch more games ever week?   So many people I know have backed out completely.  I understand.   I probably would too if I wasn’t running the pool.  Start time, 9PM?   Seriously?  

The pool:  Finally in first place, first time this year.   The 49ers really screwed me.    I can still win but now I have to split the pot if I win.    Killed my odds but I might still win $85.   All for fun with not charters I thought it would be good to record a win.   My picks are done for next week.   Will I be dangerous in my picks the rest of the season?   I have been the last four years.  

I do not have the virus.     Back to the bar:  I still never get within 15 feet of anyone.    But.  None of them have it either.   How do you catch it if no one has it??   Haven’t heard of anyone connected to the bar contracting it.  

More tropical activity.  October.    We could still get something.   Might not be a big storm but we could get a Cat 1 or a good tropical storm still.   Moisture returns after a solid cold front.   Looking forward to three more good fronts and “winter..”   It is such a long summer.    We got through it again.   Ahead, the months why you live in Florida.  

The October reports:  All published.  The October 8 Captain’s Corner:  Submitted.   I have a break.  The publishing power of, it’s strong.   It is a huge site.   It is a quality site.    It is my site.   My work.    Still surprised more guides didn’t step up to contribute.   In the months to come, the wintertime articles of Frank Sargeant, Terry Tomalin and Mel.  

The Neil Blog:  I publish it every time it gets long enough.   My client calls it The Neil Rant.   He says “not out of bounds, it is a fun read.”   Getting close again, what more do you want to hear about?   I actually don’t get input.   But it is welcome.    You tell me what you want me to write about.   I will.   I could talk about ex-girlfriends.     In detail.     I could have them on for rebuttal.     Wasn’t a guy who was at odds with the ex-es.    Stayed in touch with a bunch of them.    I’d say it’s a respect thing.    I didn’t make them feel bad about who they were and if they could do the same:  We are still in touch.   Leah:  Coming to town.    Arizona.    Her marriage has unfortunately hit the skids.    She wants to visit, she is welcome here.    The guy she married was likable but he has some issues.     The one she couldn’t get past:   Fidelity.    He’s rich.   I hope she gets her share.    I hope she has a good time while she is here.    She is still good looking.  

Neil Taylor

Full time kayak fishing guide, Neil was an advocate for conservation since before the time he started guiding.Outdoor writer, speaker and radio show host, Neil connected closely with Captain Mel Berman and did many positives with Mel to promote ethical angling. After Mel passed away, Neil managed and eventually became that web site’s owner.
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