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Founded in 1938, Western Filament, Inc. set out to change the industry standards. After more than 75 years of continued perfection, we truly have become the leader in high performance premium braided fishing line. Pioneering the first ever UHMWPE braided fishing line,TUF®-LINE (The Ultimate Fishing Line) continues to redefine perfection. Through years of experience and persistence, we continue to manufacture a variety of products that are sure to fill every need of our fellow anglers. Western Filament, Inc. has grown consistently along with its reputation of unwavering quality and is known as the industry leader in textile braiding.


So what makes TUF®-LINE The Ultimate Fishing Line? Being avid anglers ourselves, throughout the decades we have continually tested and proven the superiority of our braid. Understanding the needs and wants of our customers, quality has always been and always will be our number one priority. There is nothing worse than losing the fish of a lifetime due to a breakage in your line which is why TUF-LINE is pound for pound 15 times stronger than steel. Our proprietary coating process has created the most “bullet-proof” line on the market. The coating process permeates into the fibers of the braid creating a stronger, more abrasion-resistant, long lasting superline. Through years of research and development we have perfected our unparalleled coating process.

What makes Western Filament Inc different?

Western Filament, Inc. manufactures a large variety of products that are used in high-tech industries including medical, automotive, motor manufacturing, aerospace, military, and many other textile markets. TUF®-LINE is the only fishing line company that is a registered and approved ISO 9001 and AS 9100 organization. Currently our products are on NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover, in Formula 1 race cars, on the airplanes you fly in, and are utilized throughout the entire American Armed Forces. This only scratches the surface of our product line. We can almost guarantee that in one manner or another, you have used and/or are currently using our products. TUF-LINE is built to the same rigorous quality standards demanded by all of our industrial customers.


  1. Made in America
  2. We pioneered UHMWPE braided fishing lines
  3. We have been in business for over 75 years
  4. Our innovative proprietary coating process
  5. We put products in space!


Luke Clausen 2004 FLW Champion & 2006 Bassmaster Classic Champion When the tournament is on the line I need a great casting, tough and strong braided fishing line… The only line I trust is TUF®-LINE.
James Niggemeyer B.A.S.S. Elite Series Pro As a professional angler it’s imperative that I utilize the highest quality tools. TUF®-LINE continues to exceed my expectations day in and day out, both on the BASS Elite Series tournament trail and while guiding on Lake Fork in Texas.
Ted Takasaki Pro Endorser There is nothing more important than the line between you and the fish. TUF®-LINE SuperCast is the line I trust. It combines the strength and sensitivity of a super line with the castability of monofilament. Try TUF-LINE today.
Charlie Ingram Fishing University I have been fishing tournaments for 25 years and have fished a lot of braided line, but never one as good as TUF®-LINE SuperCast. It combines the smoothness of mono with the toughness of braid. I use it in all of my bass fishing.
Owin Hays Host of Outdoor GPS T.V. Show TUF®-LINE is the only super line I trust. From bobber and jig fishing for steelhead to oversized sturgeon, there is no other line on my reels, period.

New TUF®-LINE 4ORCE®… 4-Carrier Construction for Ultimate Strength and Abrasion Resistance
Feel the difference! Both lines will catch fish they just have two different handling characteristics.
Hear the construction from the experts themselves!
TUF®-LINE DOMIN8® takes precision angling to a new level. Utilizing our new TUF-X fiber, this premium 8-carrier braid is the best choice for superior handling. DOMIN8 delivers a round, ultra-smooth finish, making it virtually silent through the rod guides resulting in incredible casting distance. Our proprietary coating process provides superior abrasion resistance and a more permanent coloration of the line. New DOMIN8 is an eight-carrier braid that incorporates eight fiber bundles completing the line. This construction allows for small diameter, high sensitivity, greater casting distance, and a silky smooth finish. DOMIN8 is recommended for situations requiring exceptional handling in cast and retrieve applications where longer casts and reduced rod guide noise are critical. DOMIN8 will perform all of these applications on both spinning and casting reels, without breaking your budget. Whether you’re throwing a frog for largemouth or making a precision cast to a redfish, choose superior handling DOMIN8 for all your fresh and saltwater fishing. So the next time a big bite is on the line, make sure you are spooled up with DOMIN8. Available in Green and Yellow. Braided in the USA.
TUF®-LINE 4ORCE® takes power fishing to a new level. Utilizing our new TUF-X fiber, this premium 4-carrier braid is the best choice for ultimate strength. 4ORCE delivers a round, incredibly strong, abrasion resistant line with minimal stretch that drive hooks deep. Our proprietary coating process provides toughness, longevity and a more permanent coloration of the line. New 4ORCE is a four-carrier braid that utilizes four fiber bundles completing the line. This construction allows for small diameter, high sensitivity, brute strength, and extreme abrasion resistance. 4ORCE is recommended for fishing heavy cover, bottom fishing, matted grass, or any other technique where the line is being pushed to the limit. 4ORCE will perform all of these applications without breaking your budget. Whether you fish for largemouth in the heaviest of cover or you’re trying to pull a halibut from the depths below, choose maximum strength 4ORCE for all your fresh and saltwater fishing. So the next time a big bite is on the line, make sure you are spooled up with 4ORCE. Available in Green and Yellow. Braided in the USA.

Aerospace technology has been utilized to produce our TUF®-LINE XP fishing line. Tension Lock Technology TUF-LINE XP is produced under high tension allowing more compaction of the fibers during the finishing process.TUF-LINE XP is more compact, smaller in diameter, packs better on reels, offers better knot performance, casts farther, reduces rod tip wraps, and boasts higher abrasion resistance. Available in Green, Blue, Yellow and White. Made with Spectra® Fibers.
Packed: 100, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2500 yard spools and Mega spool. Mill ends available.
Our Best Selling Superline
Line Test 6 8 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 65 80 100 130 150 200 250 Mono Eq. LB 1 2 3 4 6 6 8 10 12 15 20 20 30 30 40 50 Diameter .002″ .003″ .004″ .006″ .008″ .009″ .011″ .012″ .013″ .016″ .018″ .019″ .023″ .025″ .028″ .031

TUF®-LINE SuperCast feels like mono but performs like braid. Featuring an advanced post-process coating, TUF-LINE SuperCast unleashes our longest-casting, easiest-handling superline you’ve ever fished. With the supreme strength of Spectra® fiber construction, SuperCast delivers an ultra-round cross-section and near zero friction through rod guides. TUF-LINE SuperCast eliminates rod guide noise, has exceptional knot strength, great for spinning and casting reels, zero wind knots and tip wraps and the color won’t shed or fade. Take aim, hit the spot, own the fish…repeat as necessary. Available in Green and Yellow. Made with Spectra Fibers.
*SuperCast is not available in Europe.

Guide’s Choice

TUF®-LINE Guides Choice is a hollow, spliceable micro-filament line. The hollow core design allows monofilament to be spliced into the braid for the strongest possible main line to leader connection. Guides Choice is a must for “top shotting” monofilament into the braid. Simply insert the end of the monofilament approximately two feet into the braid and use floss to whip the area where the mono enters the braid. Use up to 30 Ib mono with 40 Ib braid, up to 50 Ib mono with 60 Ib braid, up to 100 Ib mono with 80 Ib braid, up to 130 Ib mono with 130 Ib braid, up to 150 Ib mono with 150 Ib braid, up to 200 Ib mono with 200 Ib braid, up to 300 Ib mono with 300 Ib braid, and up to 500 Ib mono with 500 Ib braid. Use for making wind-on leaders or as a backing for top shotting with monofilament. Available in White, Yellow ,Green and Blue. Made with Spectra® Fibers.
Line Test 40 60 80 100 130 150 200 300 500 800 Mono Eq. LB 10 12 15 20 30 30 40 50 80 130 Diameter .014″ .016″ .019″ .021″ .024″ .025″ .029″ .044″ .053″ .073″
Guides Choice Packed: 100, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2500 yard spools and Mega spool. Mill ends available. Guides Choice Indicator Packed: 100, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400 yard spools. Mill ends available.

Tension Lock Technology

Trolling, back-trolling, jigging suspended fish…consider any application where a fast reference to a precise length of line is important and TUF®-LINE XP Indicator is your choice. Changing colors every 10 feet, simply count the color changes to your desired length or depth. Repeating color pattern from yellow to green to red offers tremendous advantages. Yellow provides a high visibility length for tracking trolling spreads. Green offers a low visibility tie off point for shallow water applications. Disappearing red is the tie off point for low visibility in open water fisheries. When running multiple rods, you never have to remove more than 30-feet of line to identically match multiple rods, limiting wasted line and maximizing your investment in TUF-LINE XP Indicator’s premium performance. Tri-color: Green–Yellow–Red. Made with Spectra® Fibers.
TUF®-LINEClassic is the original braided Spectra® fiber fishing line that changed fishing forever and still is today. Featuring a unique bi-component construction that combines the ultimate knot strength with the highest abrasion resistance creating The Ultimate Fishing Line which is how TUF-LINE got its name. TUF-LINE Classic is 10 times stronger than steel for maximum strength and shock resistance for a confident hookset every time. Salt & Pepper. Made with Spectra Fibers.
Packed: 100, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400 yard and Mega spools. Mill ends available.
Packed: 100, 150, 300, 2500 yard and Mega spools. Mill ends available.
Line Test 6 8 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 65 80

Trolling Line

Featuring a small diameter lead core protected by a powerful Spectra fiber braid, TUF®-LINE MicroLead revolutionizes lead core trolling. With reduced drag, MicroLead achieves the same sink rate as standard lead core and can be fished on lighter rods and smaller reels. The Spectra fiber braid is 3X stronger than standard lead core line and delivers smooth, effortless handling. The 18 LB breaks at an incredible 53 pounds and the 27 LB breaks at 63 pounds Better materials, better performance and a better experience, MicroLead puts the fun back in lead core trolling. Multi-colored. High Strength Spectra® Fiber over a Lead Core
Tightly braided high tenacity polyester multifilament yarn encapsulates a 99.9% pure lead core. Our “pure” lead construction offers a smaller diameter than standard lead core lines. Color metering every 10 yards with a high visibility dye enables the angler to instantly determine depth. A must for every angler who needs extra weight for deep water trolling. Multi-colored. Color-Metered for Precision Trolling Line Test 12 15 18 27 36 45 Mono Eq. LB 20 25 30 30 35 40 Packed: 100, 200 and 1000 yard spools.
Packed: 100, 200, 1000 yard spools.
Line Test 15 18 27


PREMIUM BRAIDED DACRON The highest quality Dacron fibers and most advanced braiding machines in the industry are combined to manufacture this premium line. Its low stretch gives quick response to strikes and increases sensitivity. The spliceable construction and specially formulated wax eliminates strength loss from knots which reduces your chances of lost fish. Braided Dacron lines are available in a variety of lengths and pound tests all with I.G.F.A. approval. Available in White, Green Spot, Chartreuse, Fluorescent Orange and Black. Line Test 20 30 40 50 80 100 130 160 180 200 250 Mono Eq. LB 20 30 40 50 80 100 130 160 180 200 250 Packed: 150, 300, 600, 1200 and 2500 yard spools (20 through

Flyline Backing

This small diameter, low stretch braided backing is waterproof and will not rot or mildew. Made from the highest quality braided Dacron fiber that is tightly braided for a smaller diameter and higher reel capacity. The colorfast cationic (heat/ pressure) dye process ensures a uniform colorfast construction that’s ideal for both freshwater and saltwater. Available in White, Chartreuse, and Fluorescent Orange.
Packed: 100 and 2500 yard spools.

Duracast Ice

Thanks to its’ fully encapsulated design, TUF®-LINE DuraCast Ice is completely hydrophobic and will not absorb moisture. This process creates a superline that does not crack or freeze, outperforming all others in winter’s most demanding conditions. Manufactured with a unique bi-component patent pending process, DuraCast Ice incorporates an exclusive inside out coating process that ensures a perfectly round, smooth, long lasting superline that does not break down or lose it’s rigidity with prolonged use. The inside out coating process ensures permanent coloration of the line with no flaking or annoying coating residues. DuraCast Ice is the most abrasion resistant superline on the market today. In accelerated fiber to metal tests, DuraCast Ice offered more than double the abrasion resistance of it’s nearest competitor and more than 12x the abrasion resistance of some national brands. Available in Green and Yellow.
NEW TUF®-LINE DuraCast Ice Offers Performance of Braid Handling of Mono. DuraCast Ice will revolutionize your ice-fishing experience.
Line Test 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 80 Mono Eq. LB 12 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 Packed: 50, 100, 150 and 1000 yard spools.
Packed: 50, 100 and 125 yard spools.
Line Test 6 8 10 12 15 20 24 30 50 Mono Eq. LB 2 3 4 6 8 10 12 15 20 Diameter .003″ .004″ .005″ .007″ .009″ .011″ .013″ .016″ .022″

Ice Line Micro Coated

Tightly braided nylon line impregnated with a micro coating to ensure minimal moisture absorption. Nylon ice line has a very high abrasion and shock resistance. The tightness of the braid provides a super smooth texture that is easy on hands and tackle but will resist freezing. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any fishing conditions. Available in Black.

Downrigger Replacement Line

TUF®-LINE XP Downrigger Replacement Line changes the game for downrigger fishing. By replacing your wire cable with TUF-LINE you gain all the benefits of braid and eliminate the hassle of cable. TUF-LINE provides maximum strength and weight handling capabilities, low stretch, and will not rust, kink or fray.It also eliminates electrolysis and significantly reduces wire hum. Performance braid, for premium fish, at desired depth. Available in Green, Blue and Indicator. Pound Test: 200 and 250 LB test Packed: 150, 300, and 450 ft.
Specia l t y L ines Specia l t y L ines
Engineered and designed specifically for “toothy fish”, TUF-Leader eliminates common issues associated with steel leader materials. TUF-Leader’s unique construction allows the leader to be knotted with standard knots rather than using traditional crimping techniques associated with stranded wire. For example a Uni Knot cinches down cleanly and with little effort. TUF-Leader is the first braided tie-able stainless leader on the market. Manufactured with a unique tri-component process, TUF-Leader incorporates T-304 extruded stainless steel around a Spectra® fiber core to ensure the highest possible knot strength and durability. The 16-carrier braid construction ensures the smallest possible diameter coupled with a super smooth exterior feel.
TUF®-LINE Announces Our NEW TUF-Leader Braided Stainless Steel Bite Leader That “Ties like Mono”
Line Test 10 15 20 50 100 Mono Eq. LB 10 15 20 30 50 Packed: 5 Yards. Braided Dacron Sturgeon Leader
This heavy duty shock leader was created for the angler who ties their own leaders. Manufactured with braided Dacron, our sturgeon leader has excellent abrasion resistance and superior shock resistance. Sturgeon leader is available in six pound tests. Available in White. Soft feel. Exceptional strength.
Get Your Line Deep With Confidence
Packed: 25 yard spools. Line Test 50 80 130 160 180 200
Planer Board Line
High visibility, fluorescent orange braided Dacron® line has the advantage of low stretch and long life. Smaller diameter than standard Planer Board Line allows the planer to run more smoothly with less line drag. Available in two pound tests and spool lengths of 150 or 300 feet for every application. Available in Fluorescent Orange. Line Test 130 200 Packed: 150 and 300 foot.
Slinky Drifter Cord
Braided high tenacity Nylon multifilament yarn in an Olive Green color enable the angler to custom build soft, flexible, snag-proof weights. Perfect for heavy cover or rocky, fast water conditions. Three cord sizes accommodate different lead shot diameters, allowing for an exceptional range of fishing weights to be built. Available in Green. Build your own snagless fishing weights.
Regular 32-1 .1875″ (3/16″) Magnum 32-2 .250″ (1/4″) Super Magnum 48-2 .375″ (3/8″)
Packed: 25 foot bags, 50 foot bags or 900 foot rolls.
Line Test 500 SPECTRA PANER BOARD LINE Available in White. Made with Spectra® Fibers.
Reliable Day-In and Day-Out for All Your Planer Board Applications
Every boat has “Gotta” have it!
Survival cord for all outdoor applications.
Ideal for rigging baits to hooks in either a live presentation or a dead bait application. This is the perfect product for securing a variety of skirts or tails to jig and lure heads. Another valuable use for TUF®-LINE Rigging Floss is wrapping monofilament and Dacron® splices and in whipping the entry point when making wind on leaders or top shotting. Available in Natural and Red.
Excellent gereral purpose utility cord for all home, garden and outdoor recreation. Strong, durable, eather resistant survival cord that will not rot or mildew. Available in 400 pound and lengths of 50 or 100 feet. Available in Black.
Line Test 30 50 70
Packed: 1/4 lb., 1/2 lb. and 1 lb spools. *30-50 1/8 lb. only available in plastic container.
Utility Cord
Line Test 200 250 Mono Eq. LB 40 50 Diameter .028″ .031″


CHOOSING LINE BY DIAMETER, NOT BREAKING STRENGTH: When choosing a TUF®-LINE to replace a monofilament line, it’s usually best to choose a TUF-LINE with comparative diameter to the monofilament. The benefit to this approach is maintaining similar handling characteristics and surface area to what you are used to.

SPOOL THE LINE TIGHT. TUF®-LINE does not grip a reel spool like monofilaments do. Prior to spooling up with TUF-LINE, put a wrap of electrical tape on the reel spool. This gives the line something to bite into. You can also put a few yards of monofilament and tie the line directly to the mono. Wind the line on tightly and under steady pressure. Packing the reel well will eliminate any opportunity for the line to dig into the spool.

SET DRAGS PROPERLY AND USE A CONTROLLED HOOK SET: Set your drag to no more than 30% of the line’s breaking strength. If using a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader set the drag to protect the leader. All TUF-LINES have considerably less stretch than monofilament lines. Therefore, a monster hook set is not necessary. Be firm and controlled.

DOUBLE KNOTS PERFORM BETTER. TUF®-LINE’s fibers and coatings don’t bite into one another when knotted. For this reason, poorly tied knots can slip under a load. For general applications, use of a Palomar knot will hold with exceptional strength. To incorporate a wide family of knots, tie them with a doubled length of TUF-LINE to add significant strength.

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