These will make yo tongue slap yo brain.       I have been doing it a while.    I did it exactly this way last night and it was superb.        What a great, great meal.     And I did it myself, which is even more of a miracle.     OK, so here’s what you do.


Go catch some pompano.
Then:  Fillet out pompano boneless and skinless.

I would say you could deviate to your own tastes.      Use different stuff.    I like what I put together on this one.      I will keep doing it.


Prior to cooking the pompano, prepare the mango salsa.      I cut up the mango, the cilantro and an onion and I mix them together.   I add a splash of lemon juice.      Refridgerate.


One fish equals three tacos.       


In a pan, coat with cooking spray and put in pompano.  Turn heat on high.     Add seasoning to your desires.     Add chopped jalapenos.     Use a spatula to bust up the pompano as it gets cooked.   Flip occasionally.     Cooking time is up to you.   I leave it on there longer than it needs to be.
On plates put down flour tortillas.      Use lettuce or chopped cabbage.      Spoon out the fish mixture into the tortillas ;  add the mango salsa and serve.
To your tastes:  It’s not bad to squeeze more lime or lemon juice on the actual fish before eating.     I put some in the mango salsa but it doesn’t hurt to add it on the fish either.
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