Use lures that catch fish:  The 12 Fathom Fat Sam Mullet

By Neil Taylor, guide and owner
12 Fathom Lure Guide staff

A staple in soft plastic tails, the 3-inch mullet is “makin’ like a fish”- a baitfish.   The Fat Sam Mullet is a flat out “fish finder”.   Whenever the target species are eating free-swimming baitfish like finger mullet, a variety of sardines, chubs or other bait species, the mullet is your ticket to success.    Slender and stout at 3-inches, the mullet casts well and performs with great natural action as it moves through the water.

The lure is going to be most effective kept swimming just above the bottom but can be bumped right on the bottom in muddy or sandy-bottom areas.  The selection of colors is extensive for all your needs.   Favorites are Shimmer Gold, Clear Gold, Pearl White, Redfish, Greengo, GoldDLuxe, Rootbeer Gold Glitter and New Penny.  For all species that dine on the above-mentioned baitfish, the mullet is the ticket to success year round.


The lure works extremely well on conventional jigheads.   Jighead weight should be selected based on situation.   Many anglers will like to incorporate a combination of jighead weight from 1/8-ounce to 3/8-ounce depending on the height they are fishing above the water, the water depth and amount of current.   Anglers working shallow areas, especially low to the water wading or in kayaks will like to use the mullet on a 1/8-ounce jighead.   For deeper water or from up higher on powerboats, switch to ¼-ounce jigheads.

Working the lure

The lure swims with a great “thump, thump, thump” of the paddle tail in the water.   It can be used with a straight cast and retrieve or manipulated smoothly with the rod tip.   The heavier the jighead, the more it will stay down but for targeting shallow water redfish, keep the rod tip up high and enjoy the feeling of a different thump: Of the Mullet being eaten!


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