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Seasonal changes, changes the fishing every year.   What’s the options for spring:  The number one for me is pompano.   Two years of below average pompano action, there are indications this will be a better year.    A virtually underutilized species, if you learn how to catch them it means great dinners.    

To me, the easiest of fish to fillet, their meat is firm and very good tasting.   Catching pompano is not hard.   A great fight, some will jump.   Equip with the right lures, they are a light tackle opponent.   You want lighter jigheads in yellow with a pink teaser.   The teaser is a small fly that is loop knotted to the pompano jig.    Tied onto fluorocarbon leader, this combination bounced on the bottom is all you need to get pompano to eat.   An eleven inch minimum, I thrown them back unless they are 13 inches.    Each angler is allowed six.  They fight great and sometimes they will even jump.    Very slippery use caution handling any kind of fish with this two hook rig.   Pliers are a real bonus, keeping your fingers further away from hooks.   Targeting pompano, the beaches and passes, the bridges and any area that is sand bottom, a depth of 9 feet or more and good current.   

Neil Taylor

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