Thinking of putting fish in the boat? Think about fishing specific spots or locations. With big full moon tides, it will put a lot of water along the Big Bend pushing inshore fish tight along the mangroves where they grow thick like a fence but around Ozello high keys are open on the inside creating a forest for redfish and snook to tuck inside. Catching the tide right as it rises will give the angler opportunity to target redfish as they make their way off of the flat to the tall white mangroves outside keys. Getting there just as the tide turns or just enough water to pole in will make the difference to catching or wishing. The best way to target them is sight casting with live shrimp or small pinfish. On the tight growth keys use a cork and shrimp right up near the edge to get the bite.  Trout fishing is split, there are fish out deep in the waters past marker 2 and some fish still inside around the big bays that have a series of bars running north and south. When fishing the bars, the trout will be on the down current side. Off shore the trout will be in the thick grass bottoms. Using a dark color soft plastic with a 1/8 oz. jighead cast behind the drift of your vessel and slow troll it.   For those wanting to fish a fun tournament, the 38th annual Cobia Big Fish event will be June 4-5 at Crumps Landing in Homosassa. For more info visit . High incoming tide will be midday this weekend

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