I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2019 is here and Im looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new anglers from all over the country. I would also like to take this time to assure those that are considering a trip to Panama City Beach, that the beach is fine and the fishing is awesome even after the devastating storm from last year.

Hurricane Micheal created some major problems for Panama City, however, just across the bridge on Panama City Beach you really couldn’t even tell that one of the largest recorded hurricanes had made landfall just to the east. So please consider our area on your vacation destination this year!

January is a good month to catch trout and reds up in the creeks and deeper holes in the bay. Live shrimp is a good choice along with the wide assortment of artificial shrimp on the market. Be sure to visit a local bait and tackle store for a great selection. Small swim baits along with slow sinking twitch baits are also a great choice for fishing the deeper water and edges. Just be sure to slow down your presentation.

Up on the flats the reds have been working the shallows once the sun comes up and begins to warm things up a little. If you choose to chase tailer’s this time of year, remember they are generally very spooky and difficult to approach unless you are very stealthy or allow them to come to you. A variety of artificial can be used, however you will most likely have to use smaller baits or a bait that can be presented as quietly as possible. Fresh or frozen shrimp on a jig head put out in front of a moving fish or school will usually get you a hookup!

For those venturing out into the bay or nearshore, schools of false albacore should keep you busy out around the pass and along the beach. Of course, fishing around the rocks of the jetties or the bridges can always provide anglers with something to pull their line. Sheepshead, flounder, bull reds, and blue fish can make for some great cold weather targets.

Fly fishing this time of year can be a lot of fun working slowly along the flats in search of reds and trout. Catching spooky reds in crystal clear water this time of year will challenge the best of fly anglers! When weather permits, targeting false albacore off the beaches on fly will definitely keep your line tight and a smile on your face.

For an overview of some of the great trips and new friends from 2018 checkout my latest video “Grassy Flats Charters 2018” on Youtube or Facebook!

2018 Video: https://youtu.be/5G4QeDmd9Hk

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