As we wind down into the last part of summer, most of us get focused on getting the kids back to school. While it can be a bit overwhelming as life just seems to be too busy, keep in mind that downtime on the water is important, and fishing this month is still great. As we head into mid August, fishing is at its best. Tarpon fishing this year inside the bay has been very productive and fun. We’ve been catching tarpon from 20 to 160 pounds, all in the same areas. The bait of choice when targeting tarpon has been dead bait soaked on the bottom. This is one of the best and most productive ways to catch them. I also have had some success using live greenbacks as well on the smaller tarpon that are roaming the back country and Tampa Bay flats. If you’re looking to get out and do some snook fishing, they also have been very productive. Smaller greenbacks have been the bait of choice. Using a cork also helps since the water has been pretty dirty. As we get closer to September, I cant think about anything other than schools of redfish. This is the time of year that the big breeder reds show up in big schools in search of food on the flats.

Jason Prieto is a full-time fishing guide and can be reached at (813) 727-9890.