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Woman found with Meth in her vagina arrested.   So, not sure about how the world works but *how did they know to look there?*      Um.    Tough to continue after that one.   I’m almost speechess.  People killing themselves while on “suicide watch.”  That’s impressive.  

Book #4 into full editing now.    I worked it hard.    I feel like I could have published “as is” and it was good to go.   But, I’ll take the input.   Anyway, preorders, almost exceed sales of book #3.    Still baffled on the book sales thing.   I thought more people wanted to read what I have to say.     Maybe they’re watching their money?   I don’t know.   Anyway, maybe I need to die.   I hear people that are dead sell more books.

The file, to my editor.    The cover photos, picked out.   I have to come up with the title and then it’s input, final changes and off to print.   This one:  Preorders are more than I have sold of the third book.    Kayak Fishing sold best so far.   The baseball book should blow it away.    The humor book was the last one.   Surprised sales haven’t been better.    It is a funny world.  

The fishing:  Well, a lull.   No question.    The August lull.   It stays good if the fishing is good.    I don’t want to take people fishing if it isn’t good.    And.   It hasn’t been that good.   Will it be good on the better tides?   I will find out.

July, hottest month ever, since records have been kept since 1880.   Climate change is real?

The rain has been significant.   A wet pattern, it has really watered the bushes in the yard.    The grass is super healthy.   I have a beautiful property that gets better with the rain.   It should let up.  Then rain again.   Hurricanes are next.  

Bigfoot sightings are declining.    I mean:  Bigfoot, never fully confirmed.   UFO’s never fully confirmed.    What is it people are seeing?   Nothing.     ?       I don’t know.    I don’t make an argument.   I just believe if these things existed, they would be set in stone confirmed.  

There are too many cameras in this world.   Manatee County deputy suspended after punching inmate.   OK, so tell me, in the course of doing your job (particularly that job) wouldn’t there be a situation where punching a guy is just part of the job?

I’m old.   Vladimir, Jr?    Vladamir wasn’t that old when I had him now his kid is up to bat?

Indiana visitor:  Party preparation.  50th birthday in December, lots to be done around here.    

How come you haven’t bought my books?   Seriously, there are thousands of people out there that I thought would have bought a book already but now my career book coming through, people should be coming out of the woodworks.   Or, maybe I don’t matter that much to people?

The average American spends 3 hours, 33 minutes on their phone per day.     Not this guy.   On my worst days maybe I got close.   But this is the average, every day.   Gotta be hurting productivity at work.    Just what do you do on your phone for more than 15 minutes?     I delete emails.    I make occasional phone calls.    These people that live on their phones, what is it that they are doing?

Aside from that, I try to not pay attention to what you do.   Already, I want to disconnect the car horns on about 30% of your cars.     You tailgate and you want to blast your horn at anyone that is just making a simple turn.     Losers.      Just drive the speed limit, get there when you get there and don’t make me have to listen to your infernal horn.  

I could probably discontinue the blog.   Who wants to read my idiotic observations anyway.   Well, I wouldn’t still be doing it if I didn’t have a following.    Might not be a complete following but there are people that really enjoy the thought provoking.    Some just want to know what I’m thinking.    So I guess it’s OK and it will continue.   I’ll never run out of material.   Honestly, I could post one every day if I wanted to.    I can just sit here and continue to type.    I’d rather do it less frequently and pick and choose what I talk about.   

Banning plastic straws.   Why didn’t that happen 20 years ago?     I’ve been against straws for that long.    All these turtles that are dead, plastic in them.   Straws, a big offender.    Why can’t we do things right?

Get ready.    The middle of hurricane season is arriving.      Nothing in the long range pattern right now which is almost odd.    A weak wave probably going to bring rain chances up for a couple of days.    But there will be storms.     Early September, you can set your watch by it.  

Book #4, mentioned multiple times already:   Sales good today.   Every copy bought by someone I don’t even know.   What’s that tell you?     It tells me I should sell another 2000 copies to people I do know.    It is a strange world.   The pre sales have been good, mostly other umpires.    It is perplexing.    The book I have created, what’s in it:   I should have sold 1000 copies already.   I look at the people who haven’t ordered it yet.   What is it?   Are people too involved in their own lives.   It costs next to nothing.   If you wrote a book, I’d buy it.   In fact I have.   Bought all your books and I’m up to my fourth and you haven’t even bought one.     I wonder about people.    My father would be amused.

On that note:  Baseball.   Anyone see the Yankees lately?   They have embarrassed themselves.    Only going after the newer umpires.   The newer umpires can handle it just the same so whatever but good God, I’m glad I’m not a baseball fan of any kind.    Ludicrous.    Goose Gossage and Pete Rose running at the mouth over baseball?   Pete, I already understand.     Spent my time with that guy.  Gossage I was around enough to be surprised.      I see some merit in some things that are said but generally:    Their position in the history of the game, I think they would be better to go golfing instead.

Facebook continues to sell my email address.   I came back after two complete years away.    It was a great break.    I only returned for a guy who has now actually died.     I did it for him.   He liked my contribution to life.    I have stayed on and I’m using it to promote my books and make money off them the way they made money from me.    Contact with umpires alone, about $1000 in sales.     Screw Facebook.   They think they can sell my property.    They are idiots.    I’ll make my money and then it is entirely possible, delete the account.    

Life continues on.    Even took some people fishing.     Eight days of rain HELPED.    Best fishing in four months.    

First timer?  Welcome to the Neil Blog.

Neil Taylor

Full time kayak fishing guide, Neil was an advocate for conservation since before the time he started guiding.Outdoor writer, speaker and radio show host, Neil connected closely with Captain Mel Berman and did many positives with Mel to promote ethical angling. After Mel passed away, Neil managed and eventually became that web site’s owner.
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