12 Fathom Lures Product Spotlight:  The Buzz Tail Shad
The pearl white Buzz Tail on The Edje jighead.

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February 2012

By Neil Taylor, 12 Fathom guide staff
Owner and guide at www.strikethreekayakfishing.con

The 4.5-inch Buzz Tail Shad will be a useful tool in your fishing arsenal.   This lure migrated from the freshwater “Producto Lure” company because of its great saltwater uses on a variety of species.   The patented design is excellent with a great natural action of the lure without much manipulation needed by the angler.   The sickle tail acts as a propeller behind the bait creating some turbulence that excites fish into striking.   The lure can also be utilized as a “jerkbait” style lure and darted around or it can be allowed to flutter down.   Whether you make it “sink”, “rise”, “move straight” or bounce it around, fish react to this great lure.  Guide Neil Taylor of 12 Fathom pro staff with a Buzz Tail caught snook (photo by Chip Murray)

Sometimes quieter is better.  Easy to cast, the soft landings and weedless rigging make this bait one of the simplest to use.    The soft body of the lure make it a soft-landing bait, hitting the water with minimal noise and not spooking the most sensitive fish.   The grooved body of the lure allows anglers the option of weedless rigging but with a high hookup ratio on strikes.   With the hook point hidden, the lure can be crept across thick seagrass, oysters or other obstructions to extract fish from those locations.   The lure can also be rigged on 1/16 to 1/4-ounce standard jigheads for a variety of fishing situations.   The Buzz Tail will connect with redfish on days when they are not interested in other style lures.   It will tempt the very largest of trout and flounder.   The length of the lure also makes it a great option for species that want a larger meal such as a snook or a cobia.  The tail is also made in a six-inch version, a very nice “big bait for big fish.”  Make ’em an offer they can’t refuse!

Check out the great colors of the Buzz Tail in the Saltwater Series at www.12fathom.com

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