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From: “Boomerang Tool introduces the best value in pliers: – weight (only 3.6 ounces) to strength and durability (machined aircraft aluminum with stainless steel jaws) to versatility (split ring opener, crimper and carbide steel line cutter.) We include our ballistic nylon fitted holster with 360 degree swivel clip.”

I have the biggest collection of rusted pliers in the history of the sport. Until just last year, I never owned a really good set that literally is rustproof/stainless.

When I first had the chance to talk to Keith Bordner about his products, it was because Daiwa rep Dan Davison said that Keith was willing to make a donation for the Captain Mel Classic back in 2013. The donation: The Snip, which is a fantastic cutting tool. The other big win for me with connecting to Keith and Boomerang, I asked about their other products and was very happy to hear of one other item that I needed so badly: Fishing pliers.

I’m not sure everyone realizes the value of a set of dependable pliers. Safely keeping your fingers away from sharp teeth and hooks, good pliers is also the difference between fish released quickly and in better condition or much higher mortality. A really good set, like the Boomerang, eliminates other tools. A cutting tool, I use these instead of my braided line scissors or Snip. For changing treble hooks from topwater lures, I use this instead of my old standard “single purpose split ring” tool. If I need to use wire and I want to use a crimping sleeve, I can also do that with this single tool instead of finding the tool that only did that task for me before.

Boomerang, part one: Crush the barbs down on these lure hooks. Part 2: Safely removing from fish’ mouths.

Keith got me a set and I was reluctant to get them wet. So many experiences of watching corrosion and oxidation build on almost everything that salt water touches, I was encouraged by the look and feel of this item but timid about letting them become exposed to the elements. Seven months later, these everyday pliers I have don’t even have a scratch on them. While I have been giving them a dousing of fresh water whenever I think of it, there have been times where they went back in the car without any cleaning. They are not deteriorating at all. Used heavily for gripping hooks and other tasks, they still do not show any wear. I have no doubt that they have years of useful life in them.

The holster and leash are great items to utilize. These pliers will sink. If you do not want to have the leash attached to you, at least consider adding a small float to the leash in case your pliers somehow ends up in the drink. Utilize the retractable tether or the bungee tether to eliminate the risk of loss.

The differences between the regular Grip and the miniGrip are fairly minimal. Both do everything you will need them to. As I mentioned already: The Grip has capabilities for opening split rings. That split ring hook does not affect the gripping performance near the tip. This pliers also has crimping capabilities, great if you need to use any crimping sleeves. The line cutting tool on this pliers has basically allowed me to keep my Snip and other scissors tucked away if I have my Boomerang pliers in my working area of my guide boat. It cuts braided line cleanly every time.

Function, utility and “value” these items are choices for getting yourself a better tool than you have but also a great gift idea for your fishing pals. They will thank you for it and, especially if they are like me and never had a good set of pliers, they will see how much this improves their daily experience on the water. It is not unlike other situations out there: There is no better feeling than reaching for a piece of equipment that always works how it is supposed to. This is also a nice looking tool, with a color that makes it easy to see when you are looking for it.

When the life of your current pliers is over: Go get one of these to replace it. Trust me, you will be satisfied with the investment!

If the cutting tool wears out (which would likely be from some extreme use on your part) you can buy replacement blades for the cutting tool.

Dimensions: 5.375″ x 3″ (open) x .3.75″
Weight: 2.3oz
Jaws: Flat stainless steel w/ grip ridges
Handles: Precision machined aluminum with unique ergonomic grips for comfort
Replaceable carbide blades
Grips finger ribbed
Includes nylon holster

Product Description The Grip

The Grip is machined aircraft aluminum. Compare to pliers that cost hundreds! The crimping jaws are made from stainless steel and tempered for a longer life; with both small and big split ring opener. Replaceable tungsten carbide cutters with a hardness of 70+ HRC. Easily cut braided line and mono.
The handles are spring loaded to a perfect 3.5 inch opening.
Product Warranty
One-year Ultra Warranty


Dimensions: 8.25 x 3.5 x 1″
Weight: 3.6oz
Jaws: Stainless Steel
Handles: Precision machined aluminum
Replaceable carbide blades
Cup-to-cup and point-to-cup crimping
Includes nylon holster

Approximate price: $40 to $60 depending on choices in combination deals. The pliers can usually be found by itself for around $40 and Snip/Grip combinations are a great deal and will push your total to around $60.

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