Leaders in braided line technology, I have been using Tuf-Line for well over a decade.   Priced at what I call “value”, the company continues to pursue new product options that are fantastic for anglers all over the world.    My most recent on-the-water trial on one of their newest product their “Tournament” brand of line is very good.

A real fan of their XP, the Tournament 8 line went on three of my 2015 reels.   I have never had blue line before.  I like it.  It looks very nice.  The line is quality, matching previous Tuf-Line products.   It has a good soft feel and I have not encountered any problems with the line.   Tying knots is a breeze and I have not encountered any issues with knots with casting.  This could surpass XP as my favorite line.

As a full time fishing guide, I have to have equipment I can trust.   The Tuf-Line products work extremely well for me and all my clients that also use this product.

Information on Tournament 8 from Ted Thibault:

“New TUF®-Line TOURNAMENT 8™ Delivers 8-Carrier Construction, Spectra® Fiber Strength, and Superior Nano Coating Technology
Grand Junction, Colorado

TUF®-Line is proud to introduce new Tournament 8 braided Spectra® fiber fishing line with nano coating technology. Tournament 8 advances TUF®-Line’s technique-specific selection of braided lines that offers anglers the very best combination of strength and handling characteristics for every fishing application.

New Tournament 8 is an eight-carrier braid, utilizing eight fiber bundles in the completed line rather than the more common four- or six-carrier construction.  Producing the line from an increased number of smaller diameter micro-filaments, Tournament 8 delivers an incredibly smooth exterior finish, exceptional inherent body and supremely round profile.  The line casts and handles effortlessly.

Nano coating technology further refines Tournament 8 performance by creating a bond of nano particles resulting in a microscopic hydrophobic barrier. This barrier creates an ultra-smooth and highly durable finish. The coating reduces friction increases casting distance and greatly extends the longevity of Tournament 8’s working life.

Tournament 8 is available in Green and Blue in 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 65 and 80 pound tests in lengths of 100, 150, 300, and 2500 yards and new Mega spools. Tournament 8 is recommended for active cast-and-retrieve anglers as well as saltwater live bait anglers that commonly maintain finger contact with their line.

New Tournament 8 joins TUF®-Line’s industry-leading selection of braided Spectra fiber fishing lines that include:  SuperCast, XP, XP Indicator, HeviCore, Guide’s Choice, Guide’s Choice Indicator, TUF®-Line Classic, DuraCast ICE and MicroLead.

For more information regarding TUF®-Line Tournament 8 or any of our other fine products please visit our website at www.tuf-line.com.


Tuf-Line is an annual supporter of the Captain Mel Classic.  Inquire at your local stores. If they don’t carry the product, tell them to get it in their shops.    Enjoy the Tournament 8 as well as any of your other choices of Tuf-Line.

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