The Meatheads of the Week

NORTHWEST REGION   CASES   ESCAMBIA COUNTY   Officer Land was conducting resource inspections on the Escambia River. He encountered a group of subjects who were duck hunting. Officer Land...

Seeing Red

The times, they are a changing.    In many ways not for the better.    Skip back five years, I was on the phone with Captain...

Fishing the Dead of Winter

The Meatheads of the Week

Captain’s Corner: Dave Mistretta

 Winter has taken grasp of the state.  Looks like  even colder weather is in store for us by next week.    Instead of getting frustrated, ...

Birds and Fishing Line

Jigging and Jiggling

Long, Accurate Casts

Errors Rigging Lures

The Kayak Report

I am done with the busy season.   No doubt about it.   More days sitting in the air conditioning?  I’m not bad with that.     I’m...

Sarasota: Steve Gibson, Kayak Fishing 3/1/2016

It's  easy to sum up February's action here at Southern Drawl Kayak Fishing: Trout. No doubt February was the month of trout. In fact, the month...

The Kayak Report, 9/30/2016

Fishing “Teachers”

July 2018, Grassett Fly Fishing

Capt. Rick Grassett’s Sarasota, FL Fly Fishing Forecast for July 2018 Tarpon will be a good option this month. Some of the best action will...

Any Luck?

Baby Tarpon

Fish a Local Pond